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Thread: Active chat icons

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    Lightbulb Active chat icons


    I'd like to introduce you to the new era of design:

    Could you tell me which chat channel I was using on this screenshot? Because I think it's hardly to distinguish. This subtle shadow on the top of the tab and barely darker background is not enough. This is more decoration than an element of the GUI. It's almost impossible to notice it on a well calibrated monitor and after drivers update messing up my colour profile it's a horror. And what should say players using 15" laptops?
    So why not crayon chat icons or their backgrounds to indicate which one is active. Online status button is coloured in this panel.
    Or pull active tab down for 3-4 px? Take your pick
    I wrote this post because chat channels often randomly switch to another and you write in the wrong one. It's most common if you have to refresh the page during a battle (because of inability to use your spells, dissapearing unit's ranges and hexes etc.). But fixing this bug could take many years as we, players, know you and switching some icons and making small changes in CSS perhaps won't take forever :P
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    Give us better servers!

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    Hi DanteAlfaro,

    Thank you for the feedback! It's not very clear indeed, I will pass it on.

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