Dear Heroes,

What is being fixed with this hotfix?
At this moment we are applying a hotfix to our servers, this hotfix will fix the infamous 'guild leader bug'.

We will run a script which will remove all 'false' guild leaders. On a rare occasion it could happen that you still see a 'false' guild leader, in this case please let your rightful guild leader contact our support team as soon as possible and they will be removed.

What will happen to these 'false' guild leaders?
If we are certain this bug has been exploited by a player, we will permanently ban their main account. Exploiting a bug is a serious offence, and is not tolerated in MMHO!

<!> Please accept our sincere apologies for all the troubles and inconvenience this bug has caused and we would like to thank you for your continued patience while our development team has worked very hard to create this hotfix! <!>

Best regards,
Your 'Might & Magic Heroes Online' team