Dear Heroes,

The submission phase of the event has come to an end. We have asked you to submit stories about your Hero in shining armor, sadly only 1 story got submitted. All others have been disqualified as they are reasons and not stories like we have asked. Because of this, we are skipping the voting phase.

Therefore Ghostrider30 is the one and only Hero in shining armor on this server! Ghostrider30 you may contact me (BB_Eraya) in PM with the forum title you would like to get! The other prizes will be added to your account soon.

The story about Ghostrider30:
According to the ancient legend, he killed 30 dragons in one battle and saved an angel with broken wings!
After that famous fight he settled down and devoted himself to defending the good name of Ashan.
As a person, he is an example of a damn good hero. But a humble one. He takes part in every activity in guild's life.
Patient, loyal, kind, forgiving for other people. He trains his skills in expeditions and shares his knowledge with everyone!
This is unbelievable, but he has always time to help other people... everyday, every time! He plays fair play, he keeps the rules, We can count on him!