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Thread: what the hell is going on with lag ingame?

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    what the hell is going on with lag ingame?

    Since yesterday night (friday 15th July aprox. 22:00 CEST) the game is totally lagging, the battles dont load, the chat is failing and not showing the dialogue box. When you enter a battle, it stay loading eternally and you need restart the game. And I'm not the only one experiencing this, a lot of guild mates are the same, Is impossible to play like that.
    And please, dont answer me I need to send a support ticket. I know how ticket system works, if you dont recieve more tickets about the same issue in 48 hours you ignore the i'm not gonna waste my time typing something you're gonna ignore.

    Also that's the forum fuction, report problems and, what's going on with tha game? the problem is also happening on steam and browser.

    EDIT: by the way I play on Steam (I also have a browser uplay account too) so dont answer my I need to try different browsers or upload my flash-player. By the way my internet is working problem is the game.
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