Dear Heroes,

Always wanted a way into the gaming industry? Want to see and experience how things are working behind the scenes? Now is your chance, we are looking for more moderators for all versions/languages to enhance our team!

• Are you 18 or older?
• Do you work well in a team?
• Are you friendly and have a commendable behaviour?
• Do you use clear and understandable wording?
• Are you reliable?
• Do you have the ability to deal with frustration?
• Do you have an interest in helping others?
• Do you have/use Skype including voice?
• Do you have extensive experience with our game and its rules?
• Do you have a flexible schedule?
• Are you able to deal with criticism?
• Do you have a high tolerance?

If you answered yes to the majority of these, then you could be a moderator!

Please keep in mind:
  • Being a moderator is a voluntarily job and you do not get paid.
  • You will be moderating both the forums and chats. (This is mandatory)

The following questions are mandatory, as they are the cream of the crop for being a moderator and necessary to the application process:

• Which instances do you play on?
• What is your game name?
• How long have you been playing?
• What is your Skype name?
• Why do you want to become a moderator?
• How much time can you spare for moderation and at what times are you usually online?
• Do you have any previous experience with forum or chat moderation? (previous experience is not mandatory)
• What do you expect from being a moderator for our game? What do you expect the moderator’s tasks to be like?
• How would you describe your personality and character?

I am looking forward to hear from you!
Applications can be sent to: with the title: 'Moderator Application'.

Best regards,