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Thread: Blackbough and others

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    Blackbough and others

    I think you should take into consideration a new name for Blackbough. The most adequate would be Frozenbough. Basically the same applies to other provinces. For example Frozen Claws. Depending on circumstances the names should be changed properly to warn the users that they could freeze to death as they will try to enter those provnces, because as I've observed for 2 years of playing it's something like seasons. The problem could be the fact that frozen provinces change through time in random order.

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    During my equally long experience with MMHO, I have been stuck in:
    - Frozenbough (Blackbough) --> several times (mild damage, only a day or two)
    - Freezing Nest (Falkon's Nest) --> several times (medium damage, only 2-3 days)
    - Freezing Lands (Highlands) --> once (severe damage, almost a week)
    - Frozen Plains (Whispering Plains) --> once (severe damage, almost a week)
    - Freezing Claws --> once (severe damage, for me a couple of days, but for others - even over 2 weeks)
    But never in Nar Heresh.
    It's been over a year since the last update and this problem reappears every now and then.
    Will you please play fair with us finally and let us know if there is any patch or update coming in the next weeks? months? years?
    I'm not demanding any specifics, just please say anything apart from 'we can't reveal anything now' and 'a lot is going on in the background'?
    I know there's a lot going on in the background, new games released etc., but is there anything being done with MMHO?
    Mods, I'm addressing this question to the developers, not you, so please don't be offended and just forward my question to them.

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