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Thread: Some suggestions to consider

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    Some suggestions to consider

    I would like to sum up things that irritate me as a player. I will not highpoint annoying lags and bugs resulting from the condition of the server (invalid sessions and losing troops after being kicked out of the battle, jumping back to previous location etc., this I got used to after all this time). So here I go:

    - Is 5 points to might and luck an adequate reward to leveling up as a dragon knight? I don’t think so.
    - Higher tier rewards are really demotivating – a minor potion of mana, a scroll of paralyzing presence… Not really worth the effort.
    - After each battle the chat jumps to global or help channel… Why can’t it stick to the one that I selected in the first place?
    - Forgotten Sites – it’s high time that the rewards are more satisfying for us. Seriously, after all this time spent on searching for active obelisks, all the time spent in the FS, we get a worthless artifact and some resources?
    - Friends list is being mixed up when switching between characters, this is confusing and irritating (with friends being mixed up, congratulating them on leveling up gets impossible).
    - I often find that instead of congratulating a friend, I remove them from my friend list – why isn’t there a confirmation pop-up window asking if I really want to remove them?
    - Please fix the bug happening during raids – many people get kicked out of the raid and can’t go back, even though they still see the indications of raid progress (who started which battle etc.)

    - Do we really click on the spells several times to be sure that they will be triggered? For example, I select soul mark, and get a basic hero attack instead. I choose a scroll from the spell book and by the time I select a unit to be affected by the spell, it changes to basic hero attack. It takes a lot of time and can be very dangerous during higher level battles.

    - It’s been over a year since we first reported bugs in the ancient treasures quest, the support claims that the quest works just fine. We even sent videos showing that NO TREASURES can be found by ANY of the guild members, but it didn’t help.
    This quest is not really working, can’t it be changed to a different one? It’s time consuming and bugged, so even with all guild members trying to finish it, it is often impossible because of the bugs.
    - Can you think of better rewards for the guild quests? For example, one day we get 134 K EXP for 10 battles, another day it’s 45 K for 30 battles. Make the rewards more adequate to the effort.
    - Why can’t we have a monitor of activity for guild quests? This would help a lot if we could see who is a dedicated member and who just takes benefits and does nothing.
    - You claimed that reducing the guild size to 50 members would improve the stability of the game… Well, it doesn’t and 50 members is too little, can’t we have guilds of 100 people?

    - Many players are stuck with inactive presents from the expedition – even though they have room in their inventory, the gift is greyed out and cannot be accepted. Please fix that.
    - One suggestion – when we want to send an artifact from the expedition to another guild member, very often the artifact is limited to a given class of player – can we see the class of the guild members on the scroll down list when selecting the recipient of the gift? This would be helpful given the limited time to decide who to choose when sending a gift.

    Sorry for the length of the post and thank you for reading, I hope that my feedback will be forwarded and at least one of the above will be fixed. Warm regards from a dedicated player

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    No update lack of hope...

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    Hi hannamartinez,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback and suggestions with us, I will forward it to the appropriate team.

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