Dear Heroes,

Waiting for your town hall to finish building or your troops to replenish? Just want to do something else for the moment? Show us your basic paint skills and win fantastic prizes!

The prizes:

1st prize:
7 day Combo Shard
Dragon Knight Body Armour box
14 Day Expedition Licence

2nd prize:
Premium Refinement
Dragon Knight Primary Weapon box

3rd prize:
Pile of Wood
Pile of Gold
Pile of Crystal
10 Scrolls of Regeneration

How to win: 
When the contest ends, all players have the opportunity to vote for the coolest drawing. The top 3 drawings with the most votes will receive these fantastic prizes.
Every voter can win another prize, as there will be a raffle for all voters! (Participants of the ‘Back to Basic’ event are excluded from the raffle.)

The rules: 
* You are only allowed to use basic doodle programs/apps such as MS Paint (Windows) and Paintbrush (OSX). 
(So drawings made with program such as Photoshop are not allowed, and will be disqualified.)
* The Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service need to be followed.
* The drawing has to be MMHO related.
* Participants need to use the current theme.
* Participants need to have an active MMHO game account.
* Participants can only submit 1 drawing.
* Participants agree that submitted contributions, including players’ names may be published by BlueByte. (On the website, forum and on Facebook.)
* Employees of BlueByte and their immediate families are not eligible to win.
* Any recourse to courts of law excluded.

The duration:
You have 2 weeks to submit your masterpiece, as this event will end on February the 11th, 2016.

The theme: 
The theme is WINTER! (So MMHO + winter will be the inspiration for your drawing)

Your drawings have to be sent to:

Best regards,
Your ‘Might & Magic Heroes Online’ team