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Thread: Steam opinions and current game state

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cristix View Post
    I like very much Heroes but unless bugs are fixed and raid and expedition more rewarding, I don't know how longer will I play.
    I play for more than one year and a half and I have invested as much as I could afford in this game and I would like to see some changes, and something new too.
    It is a pity that such a nice game looses players all the time- some of them wich are active and play daily and invest in it.
    Don't you think that too?
    Fully agree. I've played since the beginning and since December 2015 there are no changes.
    BB_Eraya, take a risk and ask your bosses (or someone else who can do it) for more investment in some new servers. Nothing works well without a good infrastructure and I can tell it by spending a couple of hours on the CLB server. What is it so important that you could not redirect some traffic? More flawless traffic means more money, am I wrong?
    Steam accounts can not link with Ubiplay? I've got only a few games on my Ubi account and over 50 on Steam (and which I haven't even enough time to play, because I spend all my spare time in Heroes Online ). But maybe linking those would not be so bad idea.
    PS. Why didn't you call me Eraya? ^^
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    Give us better servers!

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    BB_Eraya is currently on a short but well deserved vacation

    I will pass your concerns on to the higher ups.

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