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    Good evening.
    I want a full report from your stuff who handles the transactions in game using SEALS.
    First time I closed my eyes when disappered from my stash 2000 Seals from more then 10.000 SEALS and then from 8000 to 7000 SEALS.
    I spent only three times 499 SEALS each 499*3 =1497 Seals at Troops Apprentice in Eagles Nest or Ner-Heresh to unlock 3 slots for troops ?
    Now I see that I have only 3913 Seals from 5912 without seeing no improvement on my hero SUCUMBUS stash or ITH_Platium.
    This is a disgracement if it become at this stage in game that I*m robbed ... and I*m surely that you won*t reconigze nothing.

    I*m a very old player in this game. I*ve been playing this game since December 2014 and I*m tired to see all this bugs in the game since your full MONTH (February before you*ve implemented the guild province) when nobody from CLA & CLB servers couldn*t connect but this Stealing Seals problem is NEW ... has about 3 weeks old.

    I need proofs and answers why in the Hell I*m robbed and for what ?

    It*s not funny anymore to be robbed for more then 5000 SEALS. I*m not a singular case with robbed SEALS.
    Please check want happens.
    I don*t think is a good ideea for your image to appear more and more players with the same issue like mine.

    PS: I can*t sent this email to the stuff of BleuByte from my Assistance box so please do a good thing Moderators and Pass it to them. Thank you.

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    Hello July,

    Please contact our support team directly about this matter:

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