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Thread: if you play cleric

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    Thumbs up if you play cleric

    So this is tip for everyone who plays cleric...

    1. Get sanctuary and guardian angel in your skills
    2. buy sanctuary in shop
    3. Dont worry about your losses becouse you win one way or another
    4. Bring to situation 1 unit vs 1 unit and enjoy that your opponent cant do nothing
    * cast sanctuary from skills (in the meantime destroy units of your oppoment)
    * after 2 rounds cast sanctuary from scroll
    * after scroll cast agai sanctuary from skills

    If you are under influence of sanctuary your opponent cant:
    - dispel it by dispel magic
    - dispel it by mass dispel magic
    - use area spells (every area spell doesnt work)
    - the damage from agony doesnt dispel sanctuary (you get damage but it is no mattter)
    - use zniewaga/szyderstwo becouse it doesnt work

    So.. if you are cleric it doesnt matter what kind of trooops do you have becouse you win .
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    ...So maybe it s time to nerf sanctuary?or time to nerf cleric?Cleric is op in pvp

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