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Thread: Quo vadis Might & Magic Heroes Online ?

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    Quo vadis Might & Magic Heroes Online ?

    Hi dear game developers,

    Forum dies because none of us don't want to use it. Polish community has been the most active and now has its place in the "offtopic". Congratulations !!

    A lot of players are in different age groups who do not speak English or have problems with communication.
    You changed the rules during the game and you took them the opportunity to communicate with Polish support. Sure you are happy because you have less of notifications and very demanding poles do not bother you. You discriminate a large group of people but less and less because people are moving away from the game through your negative actions!

    You can not fix bugs but more and more things are paid.
    You took the life drain and a few other spells, it is said that you want to take another !! Through these changes players only lose a lot of time, it is a pointless inconvenience. Where this game going? You are not able to provide stability and want to charge you for everything! Is greed you lose it?

    I hope that this topic will stimulate discussion and will not be removed!

    At the end results of your hard " highest priority" work

    Best regards,
    Your 'Might & Magic Heroes Online' player
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    I agree that Polish support should be back - taking it away was a big mistake. Sure some people were rude - but devs should not care about rude arguing people, they should just ignore/block them to let polite people who care about the game speak about their ideas/bugs. Shutting down Polish support because of some rude people is smack in the face to the innocent nice people.
    It's hard to give feedback even when you know English .. names of lands and others are sometimes difficult to translate. And some people who could give valuable feedback do NOT know English.

    Also to the OP - bugs will always happen in an online game. No matter how much they work and care about the game, so you can't really blame them for issues from time to time. Downtimes are normal things in most MMO's. Server restarts and problems too.

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    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.
    I have moved this topic to the correct forum section.

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