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Thread: Throw backs

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    Throw backs

    I find myself very often not in the place I was after battle - I win a battle and its throwing me into the town and I cannot find my reward... actually - I am sure I got to the place I was figting and there was no monster but also no reward he was guarding : (.

    Also today when doing a quest after a won battle - when we can see who lost how many units - I couldn't click "Exit" button because it was grey. I had to refresh and after I did that the guy I was fighting with dissapeared but my quest did not progress... I had to abandon quest and do everything once again - it was the quest with succub and getting water to silence the fire.

    The throw back thingy also happens when walking sometimes. It's pretty frustrating when I get somewhere and puff - I am back to the place where I started : C.
    I am not the only one experiencing these throw backs. My friends also complain sometimes.
    We're playing on Polish server. Please fix this, because it's one of the most frustrating bugs right now.

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    The same thing is happening to me from time to time

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    Thank you for your feedback! We will look into it.

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