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Thread: Short instructions to make a ticket "usefull" for you?

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    Short instructions to make a ticket "usefull" for you?

    I wodner why we dont have bug tracker or some more coherent ticket system like on ubisoft main site. Anyway some stuff i got while sending tickets to diffrent games:
    1.Time and date
    2.screenshot if avaible (use Printscreen button on keyboard, save in paint ,upload as attachment in email [or do you prefer links like imgur?])
    3.description of what you were doing before/after
    4.If you can reproduce it, describe the steps for it
    5.version of your browser & flash plugin (check in about browser for version, or in exstensions for flash version)

    Less important,but good to include(?):
    6.Your internet speed ( ?)
    7.cleaned data&cookies
    8.pc details (ram, processor,graphic card&its mb)
    9.tried on diffrent computer with diffrent internet provider (example: local library/hotspot/neighbour)
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    Hello Milkorlife,

    Sounds good, I will forward your idea.

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