Prestige Points

1. What are Prestige Points?
The Prestige Points are a new type of currency which can be earned by playing with other players together. You can get them for finishing Guild Quests, for inviting friends, from Coop Raids and PvP matches. With the prestige points you can go shopping at a special trader and will unlock exclusive rewards, including Construction Licenses.

2. Where are the traders?
Close to all Player Towns. Basically, you cannot miss them.

3. What do the traders have?
Colors, Pets, Hero Vis (Pieces and full Attire Sets), Construction Licenses

4. How much prestige points do we get?
This depends on how much you play each feature. We will review the use of Prestige Points and then add (if needed) further Prestige Points to other upcoming features).

5. Is there a way to get more prestige points? (like shards)
No, there is no buff for these points

6. Can we give away prestige points as a present?
No, Prestige Points are not gift able

7. Can we purchase prestige points in the shop?
No, the points can’t be bought in the shop.

8. Do prestige points have a cap? If yes, what is the maximum of points you can have?
There is a technical cap, but it should not be noticeable in regular gameplay.

9. Are the items that the trader offered are random, or always the same?
At the moment these are fixed, but we would appreciate ideas what else we could put in there.

10. Do the points disappear after a while?
No. Once gained, they stay with you forever.