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    IbidemGaming / ITH (ItalianHeroes)

    Good evening community!

    As we are all part of the same server, I think it would be appropriate to know each other..Dear Mods, please let this description and give us a chance to communicate, we all see eachother on the Ashan map every day and fight in PVP's. You can translate this with the help of Google, and post you ideas and suggestions here.

    I am here to present, among others, the guild ITH ( ItalianHeroes ) active on CLA01 / MMHO. After the new unhappy additions (not to say updates), we have more time for social chat, so take this opportunity to make a brief generalization of the team that I belong and where I learned to play Might and Magic online.

    Founded on IbidemGaming system, one of the most popular and successful communities of gamers in Italy/Romania (over 100 active leader members and 700 "playmaker" members on more than 3 games, which i'm the proud founder), ItalianHeroes is an historic guild on Ashan, established from the outset beta server. We've gathered here the most active and powerful italian heroes (and romanian) and the guild was structured as a consequence of a beautiful daily activitiy and an excellent team game.
    ItalianHeroes is based on loyal players, who value the game and guild reputation before personal interests at stake, and these reasons can confirm that the game is more flowing, fun and fascinating.

    Our goals are simple on Ashan territory; We want to capture attention, but also to have fun and relax.
    Ideologies, like trusts..have done and still do a myriad of evil in the yes, we have an ideoligy.

    About IbidemGaming
    Community was formed in 2010 and can proudly say that everywhere we played under this emblem we was in the top rankings.
    Why I tied the IbidemGaming - ITH? Because we can, would be the easiest answer..but, to develop the idea: discipline, knowledge and strength of this team deserves to represent the community emblem of Ibidem.

    In Might and Magic we recruit selectively (not think much point to say that we are all high-level dragons), one of the first guild active in the province / expeditions and have an enviable daily activity. Some of us make a difference with the guild's name tag, but full sharers are:

    ITH_Marvel (founder)
    ITH_Hero (T13)
    ITH_New (T13)(ro)
    ITH_Platium (ro)
    Florin2 (ro)
    Lygeia (ro)
    Colentina (ro)
    Vidri (ro)
    Zalmoxe (ro)

    We invite you to follow us on Facebook too, where (hopefully) we can finally form the suitable community for this extraordinary game (although with little troubles):

    Have fun,
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