Máme tu vyjádření o chystaných změnách rytíře síly s cílem zvýšit jeho statistiky, společně s odkazem na blog, kde se dozvíte více, a kam prosím pište svůj názor a zpětnou vazbu v angličtině (příspěvky v češtině nebudou brány v potaz, stejně jako příspěvky k danému tématu zde na fóru). Text je bohužel dostupný pouze v angličtině.

Dear Heroes,

We have listened to your feedback regarding the misbalance between Might Heroes and Magic Heroes. Based on your feedback and our statistics we have decided how we can bring the classes in balance. This took a bit more time as we wanted to collect as much data as possible and read as much feedback as possible. From the very beginning we preferred to strengthen the Might Hero more. And here is what we are planning to do.

Leadership Increase for Might Heroes starting at Level 9
We consider Might Heroes to be these Heroes that are most focused on their Troops and relying on their brute force on the battlefield. For this reason, they have the extra Troop Slot and a small Leadership Bonus compared to the Magic Hero.

Looking at the data we received, it became apparent, that these extra troops were not sufficient to bring the Might Hero to the same Power Level like the Magic Hero. Therefore, and also to further strengthen the Might Hero’s focus on their army, we have decided to add more Leadership for this Class.

The Leadership Increase will come into play at Level 9 and more and more Leadership will be added until Level 30. In the end, this will mean Level 30 Might Heroes will have 6 more Elite Creatures / 2 more Champion Creatures per Stack in their active army than they have now. This may not sound much, but it means 12 more Champions in play per Battle and a 10% increase in Power.

Second Hero Turn for Might Heroes at Level 22
The best army does not help you, if you have no means to counter spells that disable your creatures. Currently the Might Hero has a big disadvantage particularly after Level 22, when the Magic Heroes gained their third turn.

To grant more tactical versatility to the Might hero we will therefore add a second Hero turn for Might Heroes at Level 22. Together with his strengthened army, this should give them the means to react to all kind of challenges present in PvE and in PvP.

We are confident that these changes will be successful to bring Might and Magic Heroes on a level playing field. Thank you for your feedback and ideas on how to bring the classes in balance.

We would like to collect your feedback before we are going to deploy the changes. What do you think about the changes we are planning to apply on Might Heroes? Please let us know on this blog post.

Best regards,